“As a martial arts instructor, I am someone who is constantly using, overusing, and even injuring my body on a regular basis. Over the years, I have tried a number of different Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists to help repair and alleviate any stresses or injuries that I have sustained. I have never ever had the results that I have had with the Chiropractors at Glover Road Chiropractic. Their unique, complete approach goes beyond traditional chiropractic to include Graston Technique and other newer approaches. Their treatments have proven to be the most effective and long lasting care I have ever had. Whether it's my back, shoulder, knee, sprain or strain, I have always been able to rely on the team at Glover Road to keep me in shape and able to move.”

Stephen Ramsbottom

“I benefited greatly from this referral as Dr. Hammond was able to work closely with me on the injury, as well as ALL areas of the rehab, while work directly with my trainer on exercises that would rehab the injury, as well as continuing to improve my strength and fitness.
In past I had this, as well as other injuries and worked with other Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, however, there was always something lost in translation from them to me on what I could and couldn’t do, which always resulted in taking time off and never fixing the problem.
I have worked with Dr. Hammond for approximately 1 year and not only has he fixed my injury, but has improved my overall strength and flexibility from our sessions and now I have been fortunate to be able to refer him to my friends.
Thank you Dr. Hammond for both your professional services and friendship over the past year.”

Mark Peterse
Bakery & Deli Owner

“Dr. Rennicks has been a valuable member of the TWU Sports Medicine Team since 2006, helping our athletes obtain optimal health and recovery. Dr. Rennicks has incorporated various techniques including soft tissue releases, spinal manipulations, Graston Technique and mobilizations as an inclusive rehabilitation approach. Utilizing his various tools and skills, Dr. Rennicks has helped our athletes recover from muscular strains, ligamentous sprains and from joint dysfunctions. This approach to therapy has greatly benefited our Sports Medicine Team and athletes.”

Natalie Ghobrial
Head Athletic Therapist & Clinic Supervisor
Trinity Western University

“Working with David and the whole team at Glover Road has been a rewarding experience for both our clients and me personally. He is an extremely valuable resource in the field of health care and fitness due to the fact he gives all our clients the tools to reach their full potential. His work is not a "band aid" approach but rather a specific program to enhance your mobility and function, which are the staples to every healthy,working body. Whether weekend warriors, elite athletes or even those just wanting to improve their lifestyle, all our clients agree that David's dedication to his craft and his empathy towards them sets him apart. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Hammond from my personal trainer.”

Chris Jarman,
VP Operations &
Lead Trainer
Peak Fitness Management

“Our family is so grateful for the wonderful care, support and professionalism given by Dr. Rennicks. His dedication and treatment approach has given us amazing results never experienced before. Thank you for making such a positive difference in our lives!”

The Woodburn Family

“I travel extensively with my band by commercial jet and by the time I get home my back can be feeling quite wretched. I land in the office of Glover Road and know that I'll be walking out ‘right as rain’!!”

Doug Johnson

“Dr. David Hammond has been very instrumental in my recovery from a torn bicep tendon to back and hip injury from a car accident. He has enabled me to resume my kung-fu training, teaching and weight training for body building competition at 100%. The treatments allowed me to run distance again. My lifestyle is physically demanding and he has allowed me to keep it that way.
Thank you to Dr. Hammond and the staff at Glover Road Chiropractic”

Brian Nevins


Being an active individual, I had struggled with a nagging shoulder injury for almost 3 years before seeing Dr. Rennicks. I had spent thousands of dollars with other healthcare professionals, previously seeing 3 physiotherapists, 2 massage therapists, 1 chiropractor, 1 naturopathic physician, and an orthopedic surgeon, all who seemed lost with what to do with my shoulder. Upon further educating myself on shoulder anatomy, I came upon the Graston Technique and made an appointment with Glover Chiro.

The progress I have made under Dr. Rennicks is leaps and bounds ahead of any other Langley sports therapist. I am again doing things with my shoulder that I was about to write off completely, and am well on my way to a complete recovery. If you live in the Langley area, I would not see anyone else for your injury rehab without first coming to this Langley chiropractic office.

Josh Saunders

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